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Enterprise website construction solution

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The so-called corporate website is a website built by enterprises for the purpose of online marketing, in order to carry out corporate publicity on the Internet, save publicity costs, and increase publicity methods.
Many companies have their own websites, and they use them for promotion, product information release, recruitment, and more. With the popularity of webpage production technology, many individuals have also begun to make personal homepages, which are usually used by producers to introduce themselves and show their personality. There are also online companies that provide online information as a means of profit. Usually the websites of these companies provide information on all aspects of people's lives, such as current affairs news, travel, entertainment, and economy. A set of related web pages contains content such as text, images, videos, audio, etc. Hosted on a website at least one web server, via a network (such as the Internet or a private local area via an Internet address known as a Uniform Resource Locator Network) access. All publicly accessible websites form the World Wide Web.
In the early days of the Internet, websites could only hold plain text. After several years of development, when the World Wide Web appeared, images, sounds, animations, videos, and even 3D technologies became popular on the Internet, and the website slowly developed into a picture and text that everyone saw. Through dynamic web technology, users can also communicate with other users or webmasters. There are also websites that provide email services.
Site significance:

With the advent of the information age, websites are rapidly being accepted by almost all visionary companies for their convenience, speed and low cost. Websites are also becoming as common tools as telephones and faxes to become platforms and windows for companies to promote their brands, display services and products, and even conduct all business interactions. If customers want to know the situation and products of a certain enterprise, they have already made such a step from making a phone call to asking to go online first. If this company does not even have a website, everyone will think that this company has no strength, even if this company is actually quite good. It can be seen that the website has a certain symbolic meaning for a company.
Construction level:
Information publishing provides general information about the characteristics of the company and its products on the web, allowing users to access the site and browse information. Interactivity is reflected in the information provided by the enterprise, and customers see the enterprise website and browse its page information by actively entering the domain name, searching or clicking. This is the first level of interactivity on the Internet.
Cultivate the content and form design of web pages of interest Consider the characteristics and needs of potential customers as much as possible, and provide various information related to the industry and products of the enterprise. After the potential customers visit the page, they can click on the buttons, search for information, and discover points of interest to cultivate Further interest in products, companies, services. This level of interactivity is reflected in the fact that the company provides relevant information to customers, meets the customer's interests and needs, in order to attract customers and stimulate demand; customers support the necessary reference information to fully understand the company's products and confirm their needs.
Establishing a relationship corporate website uses various web interactive technologies to enable website visitors to establish an effective commodity transaction information flow and logistics with enterprises through database search, email, online chat, ordering, real-time payment, and delivery of goods. relationship.
Planning work:
Setting up a corporate website is a low-cost publicity tool. For example, a company wants to choose a high-quality office location during the bustling stage. The size of the company must be proportional to the cost of the site. For small companies, you can add some investment to your website budget, which reflects the small but refined economic benefits.
Building a corporate website should be based on the 5w method, focus on the main points, and focus on copywriting and visual design.
The e-commerce market has gradually matured, and many individuals have become accustomed to using the Internet to search for information, communication, and exchanges. Therefore, many enterprises have tried or launched e-commerce activities. Before building a website, an enterprise should make preliminary preparations in terms of planning, positioning, etc. of the company's website. The functions of the website will be very different for different needs. Some are purely for publishing company information, and some are for business activities such as ordering online.
I. Defining the purpose of building a website: The purpose of building a website will have a decisive role in the planning and implementation of the website, so you should pay attention to it before building a website. Generally, the purpose of building a website is:
1. Publish enterprise product and service information
2.Introduction of corporate history and brilliant achievements
3. Collect customer feedback
4. Online market research
5. Launch Internet Marketing
6. Online customer service
7. Gradually implement e-commerce, etc.
2. Develop a website construction plan: Most enterprises lack a plan for building a website. The plan is mainly to arrange and coordinate the relevant departments of the enterprise to jointly build a website. The construction of a website is not a matter for a certain person or department. It is necessary to make overall arrangements for the affairs that the various departments of the enterprise should be responsible for. The main contents of the plan include: the timing of website construction, the collection and organization of the content, the determination of the function of the website according to the purpose of the website, whether the web design is done by the enterprise itself or commissioned Website test launch, website promotion, cost budget, etc.
Third, the integration of enterprise resources: to avoid "website eight shares" style website content: leadership speech, company profile, business scope and other very simple information. The smaller the amount of information on the website, the smaller the role it can play. Therefore, the content of the website should be as rich as possible. It is best to conduct an integrated analysis of the company's resources and organize the content according to needs and market conditions. Some companies are unwilling to publish their latest products on the Internet, mainly because they are afraid of imitations and plagiarism. In fact, if their products can lead the market, they should be confident that they can continue to surpass them. There are also companies that don't know how to arrange the content of the website. Enterprises should use the website as a salesman. What information should the website show the customer to the customer and use the most convincing content to attract the customer.
Fourth, website production planning: Enterprises should combine their own situation and industry environment, decide whether to build their own or commission a professional website production company to produce on their behalf. If conditions are limited, SMEs choose to entrust a professional website construction company to produce on their behalf, which can save the cost of recruiting professional website design and production personnel. However, when choosing an agency company, you must carefully examine it and understand as much as possible about the design and production capabilities and reputation of the agency company. Also need to pay attention to the choice of domain name and virtual host.
Website design and layout:
1. Commercial principles: As an important part of the business operation of an enterprise, it serves the external dissemination of your company's corporate culture, serves the company and customers, improves the enterprise service system, creates more business opportunities, and provides scientific information for business operators. Decision aid
2. Branding principle: provide customers with valuable products and service solutions, reflect the advantages of corporate brands, focus on shaping the personalized image of corporate online brands, and establish loyal consumer groups;
3. Economic principles: Establish a network platform that is suitable for your company's own needs, provide a wide range of functions that cover the various needs of users, and save the cost of website construction. At the same time, the website has a WEB interface-based management background. Update and modify part of the content; save the operating cost of the corporate website, and improve the efficiency of information update and dissemination;
4. The principle of expandability: The overall planning and framework design of the website is expandable. The design of the back-end database of Qixiu Network is highly expandable. Enterprises can add, delete, and modify columns, categories, and content as needed. .

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