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Some general methods and details of SEO optimization

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Our purpose of doing SEO is very clear. It is to promote the sales of enterprise products, increase the visibility of enterprises, attract partners, and reduce the cost of promotion of enterprises. Promotion sales is the core of a company's business. Everyone optimizes their website to have a good ranking, and the chance of closing is much higher than the lower-ranked companies. It improves the visibility of the company on the Internet and also attracts other partners. Join.

Another obvious thing about doing SEO is cost savings. Compared with those traditional media advertisements, the cost is very low. Some friends may say that you can play bidding. Yes, bidding can quickly increase the ranking of the website, but there are disadvantages. The first is the cost. The second The question is, do you always rely on competition to solve the ranking problem of the website? Of course, it is impossible. Therefore, the existence of SEO is inevitable and reasonable. In this article, I will share some common SEO methods and techniques. some!

1. Web design optimization
We all know that if you want to do a website's seo, then you can't solve it by simply writing a few keywords. First of all, one thing you need to do is to optimize the web page of the website. Artistic design things need to be based on a beautiful foundation to make the web page load faster, not to have extra code, to facilitate the inclusion of search engines, in addition to the website's navigation bar and columns do not use pictures or js, The column level everyone uses a three-level page, simple and layered, first-column page-content page, and each page allows visitors to easily return to the previous page and the home page. This is everyone's attention The problem.

2. Website structure domain name optimization
After the webpage is properly designed and code optimized, then we should optimize the structure of the website and the domain name. A simple and easy-to-remember domain name is the first choice when choosing a domain name, and it is convenient for visitors to remember when it is included by search engines. In addition, the path level of the web page mentioned above is kept within three levels. If it is more than four levels, the effect of page inclusion is definitely not as good as the third level pages. In addition, static pages are used instead of dynamic pages to avoid dynamic pages. Although the major search engines have stated that they are the same for static or dynamic collections, a large amount of data shows that there are actually differences.

3. Website details optimization
A very common sentence is that details determine success or failure. When you are doing SEO, you also need to improve various details. From the title, column name, to the processing of pictures, site maps, article calls, etc., everyone needs attention. For example, it is to add alt tags to pictures, add h1 tags, etc. These are details.

4. Website keywords and description optimization
In terms of website keywords, it is actually not very important now. Many sites on this label are not written now, and I do n’t think it matters, but it ’s better for everyone to write about three or so. In terms of description, you should write it yourself, about 200 words in length, and some write dozens of words, depending on your own point of view. After writing, don't change it casually, especially for new websites!

5. Operational optimization
After all of the above are completed, then the operation is optimized, promotion, external links, exchange links, update articles, etc. These daily maintenance are not introduced here. How to send external links and update articles will not be introduced here. Everyone should be clear. I'm the webmaster of I want to tell you that doing seo is a long-standing process. It requires a reasonable division of labor and collaboration of the team. You need to fully consider all aspects and details of seo from the beginning of the domain name , We also firmly answer: we are with seo!

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