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Four ranking rules for WeChat Mini Programs

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Mini Program Four Ranking Rules

Rule 1. Time to go live (5% of the total)

The launch time of the applet, the earlier the launch time, the higher the ranking. In order to vigorously promote the applet, WeChat supports the merchants who settled earlier. If you have not registered the applet, you can find a professional Tripartite development service providers, such as us.

Rule 2. Title (35%)
The higher the match between the name and the searched keywords, and the shorter the keywords, the higher the displayed ranking, as well as the WeChat Mini Program.
Rule 3. Usage (50%)
The more the applet has more users, the system thinks that the popularity is higher, and it will be displayed to users first. In other words, the more users WeChat Mini Program has accumulated, the higher the ranking.
Rule 4. Keyword Frequency (10%)
It is recommended to set up around the industry, product, and name of the applet. You can refer to some hot keywords in the "WeChat Index", which also greatly affects the ranking of the applet.
WeChat is not just a chat tool, it is also a tool for getting rich, and the WeChat applet is a new starting point on the road to getting rich. The applet serves as an incubation platform to a certain extent. Entrepreneurs and individual businesses can use the applet to quickly complete the accumulation of the first users. Applets have become one of the biggest opportunities for Internet entrepreneurs. It can be said that there is no limit to the future of acting as a proxy for a crash applet!
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