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Educational research website solution

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Today, with the rapid development of the Internet, the website is becoming an important position for schools, companies, companies, governments and organizations to perform image display, information release, business development, customer service, and internal communication. It can be said that the website is fast, distanceless and interactive. It is the main factor that stands out in the media. The construction and application of campus website has become an important indicator of the level of modernization of primary and secondary school education.

School website construction solutions:

● Website construction for business scope, academic advantages, advantageous geographical location, strong faculty, stable organization, professional team and perfect service;

● Realize the security, efficiency and reliability of information transmission, and ensure the safe storage and dissemination of educational information on the website.

● Provide personalized information customization, information retrieval, and "one-stop" education services for target user groups;

● Article, picture, download, message and other basic module structure and flexible frame structure;

● Many processes such as knowledge collection, classification, editing, management, and hierarchical release are integrated;

● Realize convenient information classification management, and can quickly realize information interaction with users;

● Achieve high continuity and scalability of the website function, and ensure that the website construction can meet the growing needs of the education industry;

● Realize simple website management and user's browsing authority management, so that non-professional and technical personnel can manage the website easily and quickly;

Section planning for school website

We provide self-service, automated one-stop service solutions for school website construction. Not only can we provide the basic functions of websites such as e-mail, counters, chat rooms, etc. that are required by the school, but also specifically target the typical schools. Need to customize various application modules, such as mailing lists, online surveys, news release systems, and online talent exchange, etc., which greatly improves the efficiency of the school's application of information technology in teaching, and also reduces the teachers' tedious and redundant repetitive website construction labor.

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