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Guiyang Wanci Bascreen, Guiyang SEO promotion

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万词霸屏 很火,有许多客户我们排上来霸屏系统抱有异议,不信任我们的效果,认为我们是忽悠,夸大事实。 Wanci Baping is very hot recently . We have many customers who disagree with the Baping screen. They don't trust our effect and think we are flickering and exaggerating the facts. We can see the case of this customer, they are doing decoration engineering, just search for a keyword, there are seven homepage positions, what is the concept, the total position of the homepage is ten, and your own company occupies seven. Try to bring users How big an impact is, one for your website and two for your website can greatly increase trust and attract potential users.

What are the advantages?

Low consumption

Only 8800 yuan per year can guarantee 500-1000 words on the homepage every day.
With less than a dime a word, you can keep your business products displayed on the search engine homepage, and not only Baidu, but other search engines can also find them. May I ask if you want to do any promotion, can it be so cheap?

2. Product high exposure

Conscience speaks, it can be reached on the same day as soon as it is released to the homepage, and it can reach 10,000 words a week on the homepage. Imagine how many keywords are on the homepage, how much exposure each day brings, only your product appears In the consumer's perspective, you can have a chance to conclude a transaction. If you can't find even your product, you can't talk about the customer.

3. Good ranking effect

We have an independent publishing system and a report query system. What words do you have on the homepage and when can you see them at a glance? 500-1000 words are guaranteed to be on the homepage every day without any deduction.

4. Safe and reliable

We are not the so-called black hat method. Our ranking method will not have any impact on your website, so there is no need to worry about the sequelae. The reason why we rank so fast is because we have leveraged the weight of the cooperative media and people opened the directory. Let us use it. We develop a publishing system that complies with search engine rules, and then drive rankings through a large number of keywords and content.

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