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What are the banned words in the advertising law and related regulations?

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Called the strictest new advertising law punishment scale in history, shaken the entire advertising circle, all kinds of limit words were banned and forced the editors to use "good enough to violate the advertising law" instead. For shops that use limit words, points will be deducted if violations are found. And fines are imposed, ranging from 200,000 yuan to 1,000,000 yuan.

第四条:广告不得含有虚假的内容,不得欺骗和误导消费者。 Article 4 of the Advertising Law of the People's Republic of China : Advertisements must not contain false content and must not deceive or mislead consumers. 广告经营者 、广告发布和从事广告活动,应当遵守法律、行政法规,遵循公平、诚实信用的原则。 Article 5: Advertisers, advertising operators , advertisement publishing and engaging in advertising activities shall abide by laws, administrative regulations and follow the principles of fairness, honesty and credit. 广告经营者 广告发布者 停止发布、公开更正,没收广告费用,并处广告费用一倍以上五倍以下的罚款;情节严重的,依法停止其广告业务。 Article 7 (2) (3): Advertisements shall not use national, superlative, best, or other terms; Article 39: Where advertisements are issued in violation of the provisions of Article 7, paragraph 2, of this law, advertisement supervision and management The authorities ordered the responsible advertisers, advertising operators, and publishers to stop publishing, make corrections publicly, confiscate advertising costs, and impose a fine of one to five times the advertising costs; if the circumstances are serious, stop their advertising business in accordance with the law. Constitute a crime, be held criminally responsible. 第九条:经营者不得利用广告或者其他方法,对商品的质量、制作成分、性能、用途、生产者、有效期限、产地等作引人误解的虚假宣传。 Article 9 of the "Anti-Unfair Competition Law of the People's Republic of China" : Business operators must not use advertisements or other methods to make misleading misleading publicity about the quality, production composition, performance, use, producer, expiration date, origin, etc. of the product . Advertising operators shall not, on the condition of knowing or knowing, act as agents, design, produce, and publish false advertisements.

  1. Generic headings: (1) Avoid subjective words, such as "surprise", "stunning", "actually", "actually", "daring", etc. The title must not use words that insult individuals, nations, and nations. (2) The use of "best", "best", "gold medal", "name brand", "excellent", "senior", "best", "most profitable", "super-profitable", "first", Absolute and exaggerated terms such as "only", "latest", "highest", "first", "superstar", "famous", "first brand". (3) Slogans with rich content such as "luxury", "extreme" and "top enjoyment" are prohibited from appearing in various advertisements.

  2. General education in the industry: (1) Advertisements for private schools and training institutions shall not contain words such as "best", "senior teacher", "name brand". (2) Advertisements or brochures for cultural counseling must not include the words "best", "best", "gold medal", "famous brand", "excellent teacher", "senior teacher" and so on.

  3. Real estate: (1) Standardize the use of publicity words: stipulate that there are some restricted areas in the use of real estate advertisements in terms of words: the use of absolute and exaggerated terms for real estate projects such as first, sole, chief, building king, superb, champion, out of print, etc. And similar words; there should be no comprehensive evaluation of real estate projects such as evaluations and rankings without confirmation from the government or government functional departments; no disguised financing content such as financing and cash back sales, after-sale leases, and no commitments such as appreciation or investment return , Shall not contain feudal superstitions such as feng shui and divination. (2) Don't abuse the lowest price to acquire customers: If it is required to use the words "starting price" and "lowest price" to describe real estate prices, the font and size should be the same; for words that use "one price" and "liquidation price" to describe real estate prices , If it is only the price of the specified property, it must be indicated, otherwise it is deemed to mean the price of all properties for sale. (3) Cosmetics: Provisions such as "rapidly repair the skin damaged by ultraviolet rays", "X-day results", "full upgrade" are listed as prohibited words.

  4. Forbidden words in social life (1) When reporting various facts, especially products and goods, do not use words with strong evaluation such as "best", "best", "most famous". (2) Medical reports must not contain words such as "best effect", "curative", "safety prevention", "safe without side effects", and drug reports must not include "medicine to disease", "invalid refund", "insurance company insurance", " The words "latest technology", "highest technology", "most advanced manufacturing method", "king of medicine", and "national new medicine". (3) For the people in the literary and art circles, words such as “movie emperor”, “behind the shadows”, “stars” and “kings of heaven” are not used. Generally, “people in the literary and art circles” or “famous actors” and “famous artists” can be used. (4) Do not use adjectives such as "personally" to report on various activities of leading comrades at all levels. (5) Xinhua News Agency should not use slang, swear words, and unspoken words such as "wow" and "damn" in the draft. If such words cannot be used in the quotation, they should be given in parentheses to indicate their connotation and recent years. The newly created "SB", "TMD", "NB", etc., after abbreviating the swear words in the Internet terms, shall not be used in the report.

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