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Guiyang Hutong Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise engaged in PC Internet and mobile Internet project services. Business includes: WeChat mini-program production, website construction, website optimization and promotion, corporate email, etc. We provide tailor-made website planning services for customers in various industries from domain name registration, hosting, website construction, product promotion, corporate post office, e-commerce, software development and other aspects. 政府、电信、金融、医疗、企业、教育 等信息化建设领域。 Our company has large-scale portal site planning, design, development, operation, and maintenance experience, and serves a wide range of information construction fields such as government, telecommunications, finance, medical, enterprise, education .

Our mission is to provide our customers with the most valuable services. With our network operation consultants, strong research team, professional WEB art design, excellent database and program development, dedicated customer service and other teams, and for many years to the Internet Continuous in-depth research on the network, understanding of customers in various industries, overall planning and control of projects, grasp of international standards and fashion trends, visual transmission of customer images, and perfect integration of application systems, etc., we can quickly provide Enterprises and institutions provide one-stop services, and ultimately achieve the purpose of improving business efficiency and strengthening the competitiveness of enterprises.

We always ask ourselves with higher goals, and through unremitting efforts, while constantly improving our management model and improving technology research and development capabilities, we vigorously advocate the implementation of a new economic strategy and promote the development of China's Internet cause.